Tuberculosis and Associated Risk Factors Among Patients in Kassala Teaching Hospital Centre

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Mamoun, Mona
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Tuberculosis remains a world wide public heath problem despite the fact that the causative agent was discovered more than 100 years ago and highly effective drugs and vaccine are available, making tuberculosis a curable and preventable disease. Hospital based cross sectional study was conducted in order to determine the risk factors associated with TB. The study focused on hospital admissions, which have been recorded on visits and diagnosed as TB positive. A convenient sample of 57 patients was used for this study. Information was collected, using a structured questionnaire on host related factors, socio-economic status, environmental factors, behavioral factors, contact and co infection with HIV. Collected information (data) was computerised, and analysis was performed, using SPSS software programme. Results showed that HIV, illiteracy, unemployment and household overcrowding were the most outstanding risk factors for tuberculosis TB was more common among middle age group, males and among those living in substandard houses. Marital status showed little variation between married and unmarried groups Smoking did not seem to be a riskfactor for TB among the study group as shown by a lower frequency ofsmokers among known TB cases. Contact with those experienced chronic cough and drinking raw milk did not matter much as sources ofexposure to TB infection. Results about smoking, contact and consumption of raw milk seem to be attributable to small sample size. Male sex, illiteracy and unemployment were more frequent among HIV patients indicating that these factors could be regarded asimportant in the epidemiology of HIV infection. Sexually active group aged between 30 and 49, showed high frequency of HIV positive results and there was no unusual trend with respect to married and unmarried groups. Low level of education and therefore lack of awareness about TB and HIV/ AIDS, coupled with unemployment and poor health are all important factors that need to be addressed in order to minimize exposure to these diseases.
Tuberculosis,Associated Risk Factor, Patients,Kassala Teaching Hospital Centr