The Impact of Child Labour In Onion Production in El Damer In TheRiver Nile State

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Ashmage, Abu Baker Abbas Badwai
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The aim of this study was to assess the contribution of child work to family income in the River Nile State. This study used primary and secondary sources to collect data and information for descriptive statistics and budget analysis. The field survey ‎covered about 80 farmers in El Damer locality obtained from a random sample. The study found that there was an evidence for child labour ‎contribution to family income from his work on onion crop. The child labour included the following: planting, weeding and harvesting of onion crop. The study also found that about 73% ‎of the children are still continuing their School studies and work while 27%have dropped-out of school, and farming became their main occupation. The study also indicated that the family size was a factor determining the participation of children in the farm operations. From budget results it was found that the child labour contributed about 4 %of total labour cost involved in onion production. The study recommended that the State Government should ‎adopt policies to encourage child education and give farmers ‎enough credit to employ more mature labour in agriculture ‎instead of children.
July 2005