Sudan Vegetation Cover Assessment, Using Normalized Difference Vegetation Index (NDVI) Time Series Analysis, 1982– 1999

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Yagoub, Hanadi Kamal Eldin Ahmed
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The objective of this study is to assess the Sudan vegetation cover using Normalize Difference Vegetation Index (NDVI) and to compare the vegetation of Sudan, through time series between year 1982 and year 1999 and make a comparison with Harrison and Jackson map (1958), which is the reference for all studies concerning vegetation in Sudan since that time. The data used in this study is the Maximum Value Composite (MVC) of the (NDVI) which is captured from the Advanced Very High-Resolution Radiometry (AVHRR) sensor onboard National Oceanographic & Atmosphere Administration (NOAA) meteorological satellites during the period from 1982 to 1999. The NDVI data provide an indication of the vigor and density of vegetation at the surface. The results have proved that the Sudan vegetation north latitude 16° N is changed to completely desertified area based on Harrison and Jackson map. The vegetation in the region between latitude 12° N and latitude 16°N is also deteriorated, where the most common vegetation ranging from desert to semi desert, but in Harrison and Jackson it was mostly low rainfall savanna. The regions between latitude 8° N & 12° N and south latitude 8° N have shown no realized change in this study. It is found that MVC of NDVI can be effective method to identify the vegetation cover changes.
Sudan ,Vegetation Cover,Normalized, Difference, Vegetation, Index (NDVI), Time Series Analysis