Composition and Degradation of Date Stones and Groundnut Haulm in the Rumen of Nubian Goats

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Elimam, M.E.
Babiker, M.A.A.
Adam, M.
Adam, M
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Faculty of Agriculture, University of Khartoum, Shambat, Sudan
The composition and degradation in the rumen of Nubian goats of different parts of groundnut haulm and crushed or ground date stones were determined. The results showed that the nutritive value of date stones was very high, and rumen degradation was relatively higher for ground date stones than crushed ones. There were variations in the composition of different parts of groundnut haulm. The percentage crude protein was highest in the leaves and least in the thick stems, and the percentage crude fibre was similar in all parts except the nuts. The dry matter and organic matter degradabilities were higher in the leaves followed by the thin stems, thick stems and the nuts in a decreasing order. The degradation of crude protein was higher in the stems followed by the leaves and then the nuts. The results showed that groundnut haulm and date stones are valuable by-products for feeding goats and other ruminants.
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