Advances in Agricultural Research on Basic Food crops in Dry Land Ecosystems: Opportunities and Handicaps

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Nour, M. A.
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University of Khartoum
This presentation will give a historical introduction and comparison of winter rainfall and summer rainfall ecosystems, including initiation of research and development (R&D.) in each. This will be followed by a brief statement of the components of each of the two systems: biotic, abiotic, socio-economic and socio-political. Commodity crop breeding spearheaded research all the way till the turn of the 21st Century. This was supported by research in crop husbandry, IPM, pathology, soils, water including supplementary irrigation....etc. The paper will touch on genetically modified crops and the role of multinationals in this regard. Handicaps and potentials for futuristic outlook will be discussed.
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Advances, Agricultural, Research , Basic Food , Dry Land ,Ecosystems,Opportunities, Handicaps