Assessment of Water Balance Parameters in Roseires Reservoir

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Khalafalla, Mohanad Osman Mustafa
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University of Khartoum
This study is an attempt to closely look at the different aspects of the operation and water balance parameters to have an inside about the whole operation of the reservoir. In addition, to attempt finding accurate balance formula for the system, bearing in mind the part of the intervening catchments. The main objective of this study is to assess the water balance parameters of the Roseires dam and test its operation policy Water balance computation was done for years 1985, 1995 and 2005.The selection of these years goes to the facts that these years have bathymetric survey done in the reservoir. It can be seen from the selection that the interval is ten year which gives good time for changes in water balance to take place and a period of 20 years can be covered. Water balance on daily basis at Roseires reservoir generally performed very well. 98% efficiency was obtained between the observed and water balance estimated outflow on the basis of the three years separately. The water balance for year from 1980 to year 2005 were obtained for the dry season (December to May) of one day interval and compared with the observed discharge at Roseires Station. Based on the estimated discharge efficiency for the orbed during these years, the mass balance computation is updated and the average of R-squared (R2) for the dry season (Dec-May) during the years 1980 – 2005 is about 86%. There is constant average error persistence 1.5 Mm3/day for whole selected dry period. This error could attribute to the seepage loss from the gates during dry period (Dec – May). Analysis showed that the contribution of the intervening catchment to the inflow of the reservoir is negligible as well as the direct rainfall over the reservoir. The study recommends the adoption of the findings in the operation of the Roseires reservoir. For further refinement of the results, a rehabilitation and modernization for Ed Deim station, updating correlations between the discharge (release from Roseires dam) and downstream head of the dam especial in low flow, Evaporation and transmission losses need to be updated and improved.
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