Ectopic Pregnancy Presentation And management

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Bashir, Abdelmoneim
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This is a descriptive prospective study conducted in Khartoum Teaching Hospital in the period from September 2002 to September 2003, to study the commonly presenting symptoms of E.P, the methods of its diagnosis, the management and outcome. Informations were collected from patients presented to the causalty in Khartoum Teaching Hospital using a pre-designed questionnaire. A total of 98 patients presented with a clinical picture of ectopic pregnancy were admitted during the study period. 65.30 of the patients were in the age group 25 – 35 years. Primiparae were 58.20%, while multiparae were 39.80%. amenorrhoea of more than 8 weeks was found in 78.57%. Vaginal bleeding was found in 67.34% and abdominal pain in 91.83%. Regarding the presenting signs; pulse was normal in 39.80% whereas tachicardia was found in 55.12%. Low blood pressure found in 73.47% whereas normal blood pressure was found in 26.53%. On abdominal examination, 68.34% had symptoms suggestive of haemoperitoneum whereas cervical excitation was positive in 94.90%. Urine for pregnancy test was positive in 93.88%. 45.92% of the study population needed blood transfusion. The main treatment option was laparotomy, which was done in 83.67%. The intraoperative finding: ruptured ectopic in 76.53% of patients; whereas laparoscopy was done only in one patient (1.02%).
Ectopic pregnancy,Interstitial pregnancy,Abdominal pregnancy,Heterotopic pregnancy,Persistent ectopic pregnancy