The Influence of Plant Growth Promoters on Nitrate Reductase, Protein and Nitrates in Young Seedlings of Cotton and Mize

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Abdalla, Nagla Sharif Mohammed
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There was a remarkable similarity in the response of the two seedlings of cotton and maize to the growth promoters used in this investigation. The levels of nitrate reductase activity, proteins and nitrates were greatly enhanced by these hormones. Simulation of the above parameters was positively correlated with the concentration of the hormones. Response in the roots of both seedlings was higher as compared with leaves, and in cotton treated seedlings the assayed parameters were more enhanced compared to those in maize. Enhancement of nitrate reductase and proteins is discussed in relation to previous findings that growth parameters treated plant tissues enhance the three known ribonucleic acids together with deoxyribonucleic acid, nucleic acid enhancement is known to be positively correlated with pronounced increments in different enzymes and total proteins. The increased nitrate level in the growth promoters treated seedlings is explained in terms of enhanced physiological processes such as carbon dioxide uptake and photosynthesis, and these generate abundant photosynthate which is essential to nitrate absorption, accumulation and reduction, and these are known to be high energy expending processes
Influence, Plant Growth Promoters,Nitrate Reductase, Protein ,Nitrates,Young Seedlings, Cotton, Mize