Prediction of the Values of the Chemical Constituents of the Gezira Groundwater Using GIS Techniques

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El Boushi, Attiyat Abdel Rahman
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This paper is concerned with establishing prediction models for the chemical composition of the groundwater in the Gezira area from the available recorded data. The area of study is approximately bordered by latitudes 13-15.6 North and longitudes 32-34.5 East.The inverse distance weighted (IDW) technique of the Geostatistical Analyst of the GIS has been employed to describe each individual chemical parameter of the Gezira groundwater by a mathematical continuous-surface function. The graphical representations of these mathematical functions in the GIS environment are eventually converted into colored-filled contours covering the whole area under study.The developed models can be used as primary predictors for estimating the expected values of the chemical constituents of the groundwater pertaining to any proposed drilling location in the Gezira area. The established GIS models are also used for the assessment of groundwater quality in the study area.
Groundwater, Gezira area, contour models, chemical constituents, prediction, GIS techniques, the inverse distance weighted (IDW).