Effect of Type of Milk on the Quality of While Soft Cheese

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Abdalla, M.O.
Abdel Razig, K.A.
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Faculty of Agriculture, University of Khartoum, Shambat, Sudan
The effect of type of milk on the quality of white soft cheese was investigated. Three milk samples (cows', goats', and mixed) were used. Milk was heat-treated at 72°C for one minute and cooled to 45°C, and NaCl (2% w/v), CaCl2 (0.02%) and rennet (one tablet/50 kg milk) were added. After coagulation, the curd was cut into cubes and whey was drained. The curd was then pressed in wooden moulds lined with cheese cloth overnight. The curd was removed from moulds and stored in salted whey (8% w/v) in cans (anti-acid, anti-sulphur), sealed and stored at room temperature (about 25°C) for 60 days. Chemical and sensory characteristics of cheese were determined. The results showed that cheese yield was significantly affected (P<0.01) by the type of milk. Cheese yield from cows' milk (19.08%) was the highest, followed by mixed milk cheese (17.65%) and goats' milk cheese (15.33%). The fat, protein and total solids contents were highest in cows' milk cheese, while ash content and pH value were highest in cheese made from goats' milk. The sensory characteristics showed that cheese made from the three types of milk scored well until day 45, and then began to deteriorate. Cheese from cows' milk was the best, followed by goats' milk and mixed milk.
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