Seismic Processing and Interpretation of 2D and 3D for Oil Structures in Gumry Field, Melut basin, Republic of South Sudan

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Mustafa, Mohammed Kabashi Mohammed
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University of Khartoum
This work describes the processing and interpretation of 2D & 3D seismic data of Gumry area which is located in the Melut Basin the South of Sudan. The data used in this study consist of six 2D lines (about 133 km in length) which were carried out by Blue Nile Geophysical Company (BGC) in 2004. The 2D data are processed by the author at the Data Processing Centre of the Blue Nile Processing Company (PBC) in Khartoum – Sudan. The 3D seismic data (400 sq. km) and Vertical Seismic Profiling data (VSP) and Check-Shot data of the Gumry-1 well. The objective of the processing is to enhance the signal, reject noise and to improve the resolution of the final 2D sections. Poststack migration is applied for removing diffractions and migrate the geological structures to their true subsurface location positions. The second division is seismic interpretation based on both of the 2D & 3D data, interpretation was carried out by the author at Sudapet Company Ltd, using Interpretation and Exploration Software Generation-X (IESX) under Geoframe which belong to Schlumberger Company. The results of Interpretation have shown that Gumry area is characterized by intensive faulting with many major and minor faults. The fault system in Gumry area consists of normal faults, trending NW-SE, some of them dipping SW and others dipping NE. And also there are other structures style such as faulted anticline, graben, half graben and horst.
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Seismic Processing; Oil Structures; Melut basin; South Sudan