A Taxonomic Study On The Genus Pulicaria In The Sudan

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Eiman Jafar Mohammed, Abdalla
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This research is a taxonomic study on the genus Pulicaria (Family Asteraceae) in the Sudan. Results of the botanical study revealed that there were seven species of the genus in the Sudan.Brief botanical descriptions and geographical distribution were given for the family and the species of the genus. Scientific names and synonyms were updated and the species were illustrated by digital camera images.Taxonomic keys were constructed for the species of the genus. Stems and leaves of two species of the genus, namely P.crispa and P. undulata were chemically analyzed. The results of chemical analysis showed that the two species differ in their chemical constituents. Chemical data was statistically analyzed using F-test (Variance ratio test). Results of statistical analysis revealed that there were no highly significant differences (P=0.01) between the two species with regard to ash, carbohydrates, proteins, calcium, magnesium and phosphorus in the leaves and stems of the two species. It was observed in the study that the odour of stems, leaves and flowers of P.undulata was sharper than that of P.crispa. This was attributed to the difference in quality and quantity of the volatile oils of the two species. The volatile oils of P.undulata were richer in oxygenated compounds than those of P.crispa and these compounds are responsible for the sharp characteristic odour of the oils. The study surveyed the various types and uses of the volatile oils of Pulicaria species in the fields of folk medicine, food flavouring and as bacteriocidal and insecticidal agents.
Genus Pulicaria, Taxonomic Study, Sudan