Simulation of Wireless Application Protocol

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Mohamed, SUHEIR
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Wireless Application Protocol (WAP) technology uses mediums like Mobile, and other wireless devices. It bridges the gap between the mobile world and the Internet as well as corporate intranet. One of the most significant advantages of Internet access from mobile rather than PCs is the ability to instantly identify users geographic location. Application of WAP technology in health care services by the proposed project requires availability of WAP service provided by the Mobile service provider (Mobitel). Non-existence of this technology led the proposed system to be implemented on simulation technique of M3Gate software in place of WAP Gateway. The system is implemented using Wireless Mark up Language (WML) to enable wireless access to information based on WAP application. Wireless access to WML files is made possible with the Active Server Page (ASP). This functionality of dynamic pages provide the ability to turn regular web pages into web application and provides a degree of interaction that can occur between the client (Mobile users) and server. The WAP emulator works on Windows-Servers operating systems. The system required some modifications for Internet Information Services (IIS) to make Windows 2000 server suitable to work with WAP technology to interact with the database of the proposed application. IV To conclude, this research based on simulation method is thought to meet the pre-determined objectives despite the lack of WAP service in Sudan.