Effect of Self Fertilization on Growth and Yield of Five Faba Bean (Vicia Faba L.) Genotypes

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Hassan Hejien Ali Ahmed, Ahmed
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Two generations, a once-selfed (S1) and twice-selfed (S2) generations derived from each of five open-pollinated (OP) faba bean genotypes (Hudaiba/93, Edammar, Bassabier, Sulaim and Shabah, i.e., 15 genotypes) together with the parental genotype were assessed to investigate the effect of self-fertilization on their growth and yields at the Demonstration Farm, Faculty of Agriculture, University of Khartoum for one season 2008/2009. A randomized complete block design with two replications was used. Analysis of variance for all of the fifteen genotypes indicated significant differences among the genotypes for most of the studied characters, except days to 50% flowering, number of flowers per inflorescence on the main stem, number of pods per podded node on the main stem. The highest coefficient of variation was obtained for number of seeds/main stem (15.83) for Edammar genotypes, and the lowest (0.11) for plant height for Bassabier genotypes. On the other hand, analysis of variance for the three generations within each five genotypes (OP, S1 and S2) revealed no significant difference among them in the studied characters, except days to 50% flowering for Bassabier genotypes, and plant height in Edammar and Bassabier genotypes, and for number of internodes/main stem, number of flowering nodes/main stem and t/ha in Hudieba/93 genotypes