Software Platform For Cellular System Performance Evaluation & Raw Data Collection

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Wasfi, Mohammed Mahmoud Mohammed
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University of Khartoum
The mobile network operators always aspire to provide the best services to their clients, without any loss of data or interferences. Therefore, the ability of the mobile network operators to evaluate the performance of their networks is now more important than ever. One of the methods used to evaluate the performance of the network by collecting and analyzing raw data from the network is the Drive Test method. Although the Drive Test method fulfil the needs of the mobile networks operators, it is considered expensive and time consuming. In this thesis, a software platform is introduced as an alternative cheaper method that makes the data available at any time. The platform consist of a mobile application for raw data gathering, which is installed on the mobile phones of the clients. The data gathered is then sent to a web application, which is used to review the data and represent it in different forms for ease of read and analysis. The aims and objectives of this thesis was met, and the results obtained is encouraging. The platform was able to collect useful raw data, which might be used to evaluate the performance of the network. In addition, it was able to display the coverage and the quality of the network using the data acquired. The software platform was reviewed to state all possible future work, which can make it a suitable replacement for the Drive Test method.
Cellular System;Software Platform;Raw Data Collection