The Biology of the Reedbuck (Redunca redunca Pallay,1764) in Dinder National Park

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Ahmed, Mohammed Adam Mohammed
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University of Khartoum
Field observations were made in the Dinder National Park to study the biology of reedbucks Redunca redunca and their interaction with other animals. Their feeding behaviour, breeding behaviour, sex ratio, group size, morphometric measurements, and other daily and seasonal activities were recorded. Observations were also made of the movements of the reedbuck and other species of animals, in the Park during the dry and rainy seasons of the year. In the dry season animals were found in the center of the park around water pools where green fodder and water were available. In the rainy season water and green fodder were available all over and outside the border of the Park and as a result animals tend to scatter to higher lying grounds. Animals made no regular migrations but they spread in all directions and in all localities within the Park and beyond. Ostriches seemed to be the only exception, because they migrated in large groups to the northern boarders of the Park. Further study is needed to corporate these observations
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Biology ,Reedbuck,Dinder National Park;Drainage System of the Dinder National Park;Khor Galago Drainage System;Flora;River Dinder Drainage System