Government Expenditure and The Provision Of Health Services In Khartoum State (1992-2002

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Rehab Abdel Rahman, Osman
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The importance of this study stems from discussing the problem of government expenditure, and its impact on the financing of the health services. The study covered the period 1992 to 2002. This was the period during which Liberalization Policies were adopted by the government, and hence witnessed the reduction of government expenditure. The study focused on the financing alternatives for government expenditure Health Insurance and User Charges-because they were the most important financing alternatives- and their impact on the availability, accessibility and quality of health services. The study's community is formed of the health Centers, as they are widely spread and they covered a wide area in Khartoum State. The study used the descriptive-analytic approach for the data was collected through a questionnaire administered to patients attending the Health Centers, and a sample of interview data generated from responsible officials in these Health Centers. The analysis also made use of secondary data collected from related agencies such as the Ministry of Health, the Ministry of Finance and other relevant sources. The finding of the indicators that the financing alternatives have reduced the adverse impact of the reduction of government expenditure in the health sector. Yet, the quality of services in some of the centers is lower than the required standard, especially from the point of view of the providers of these services. In addition some of these centers lack certain types of some important medical examinations as they are not covered. Based on these findings the study calls for increasing the number of Health Centers, their human cadres (especially specialists) and the provision of a greater range of diagnostic services at all the centers to cover the observed shortage
Government Expenditure and The Provision Of Health Services In Khartoum State