Effect of Mastitis on Milk Yield, Peak Yield and Lactation Length in Friesian Dairy Cows in Sudan

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ElYas, Ibtisam
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The present study was carried out to estimate the effect of mastitis on the production performance of Friesian dairy cows in Butana Dairy Farm (Sudan). Mean, maximum and minimum levels of total milk yield, yield on 305 days, lactation length and peak yield for healthy and mastitis-infected cows in the first three lactations were evaluated. Mastitis infection decreased the amount of milk produced by infected cows compared to healthy ones. The mean and maximum lactation lengths for healthy and infected cows were longer than the standard lactation lengths (<305 days). The minimum values of lactation length were shorter than the standard in healthy and infected cows. Similarly, mastitis decreased the level of peak yield for the first, second and third parities. However, the average peak yield showed an increased level with advancement of lactation. It is concluded that mastitis reduces the productivity of dairy cows; hence attention should be directed towards its control.
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Effect,Mastitis,Milk Yield,,Peak Yield,Lactation Length,Friesian DairyCows,Sudan