Rhizobial Cross Inoculation Groups of Faidherbia albida and Acacia spp.

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Osman, U.E
El Atta, El Atta
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Faculty of Agriculture, University of Khartoum, Shambat, Sudan
The study indicated that Faidherbia albida does not belong to the Acacia cross- inoculation group. It showed weak or no response when cross-inoculated with Rhizobium isolates obtained from the root nodules of five Acacia spp., namely A. nilotica, A. senegal. A. seyal, A. tortilis and A. mellifera. This was indicated by none or small number of nodules and lower levels of total nitrogen. Similarly Acacia spp. examined either showed no response (A. nilotica and A. mellifera) or only weak response (A. senegal, A. tortilis and A. seyal) when cross- inoculated with Rhizobium isolated from the root nodules of F. albida. Addition of NPK fertilizer benefited Acacia spp., as it resulted in more root nodules, when it was combined with inoculation with their own Rhizobium isolates, whereas F. albida did not benefit from NPK as far as nodulation was concerned. Both frequency of nodulation and total nitrogen content were maximized when each individual plant species was inoculated with its own isolate of Rhizobium. Control plants remained free of nodules.
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Acacia spp, Rhizobium isolates, Root nodules and NPK fertilizer.