Consciousness-Raising And Explicit Grammar Teaching: An Investigation Into The Roles Each Plays In Efl Learners’ Competence Development

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Amir Hussein, Abdalla
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University of Khartoum
This study is an attempt to investigate the roles played by explicit grammar instruction and consciousness-raising in improving the grammatical competence of EFL learners. The study used the experimental design in which a randomly selected sample of 104 EFL learners participated in the study. Members of the sample were English majors at the Faculty of Education, Al Zaiem al Azhari University. They were divided into two groups: the experimental group (n = 52) and the control group (n = 52). A pre and post-test on the English modals was administered to the two groups of the study. in addition, a treatment of explicit grammar instruction and consciousness-raising tasks and activities was given to the experimental groups. The statistical analyses showed that the two groups were homogeneous, though, the results were statistically significant in favour of the experimental group ( p < 05). The second instrument of data collection the study used was a questionnaire distributed to 50 EFL university teachers. Together with the results of the test given to the study’s two groups, the questionnaire analysis results indicated that: (1) EFL learners expect the teacher to teach grammar in one way or another. (2) Grammar teaching in the EFL context is unavoidable. (3) Consciousness-raising tasks and activities are no less effective than explicit teaching. (4) Consciousness-raising techniques are less artificial and learners are more familiar with them. (5) Consciousness-raising techniques help learners to be independent of the teacher. The study comprised five chapters: Chapter one introduces the study in terms of its aims, background, problem, questions, hypotheses and significance. Chapter two provides theoretical background to the topic of the study together with a review of the previous studies in the field of explicit grammar teaching and consciousness-raising. Chapter three sets up the methodology of the study including research design, settings, materials and procedures. Chapter four is about data analysis and discussion. Chapter five summarizes the results and findings of the study in addition to some recommendations regarding the teaching of grammar to EFL learners.
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