Environmental Radon Monitoring in Khartoum Dwellings

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Isam Salih, Mohamed
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Radon measurements using the charcoal canister technique with aid of gamma spectrometry have been performed for Khartoum houses and dwellings. The present state of the measurements is presented and discussed. Seasonal and ventilation effects on the indoor radon level are considered. Some outdoor measurements have been performed. Estimates dose for the exposure due to the indoor levels is presented. This work was carried out at Sudan Atomic Energy Commission laboratories within a framework under a project of Radiation Protection and Environmental Monitoring. The program of Radon Monitoring was started in 1988 as a national radon survey program as a part of the above national project. The objectives of the program were to find out the levels of indoor radon, to estimate the dose received by the public, due to the inhalation of radon, as well as to study the factors affecting in reducing the levels. On behalf of Sudan Atomic Energy Commission (SAEC), I take great pleasure in presenting this report on the result of radon measurements.
Environmental Radon Monitoring in Khartoum Dwellings.