Assessment of the factors which impeded The Utilization ofInsecticide Treated Bed Nets Among the population in Gedaref twon

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Khadeega Mohamed Merghani
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University of Khartoum
The study was conducted in Gedaref town with the aim of the assessment of the factors which impeded the utilization of Insecticide treated bed nets among the population. The sample size was determined using the formula n = Z2 . S2 d2 Accordingly a sample of 320 person was selected, using proportional allocation over three strata, representing residential areas based on daraga status (Aola- Tania – Thaltha) the survey was conducted to collect the data, by using a structured questionnaire and them locality record report about problems associated with peoples utilization of (ITN) was be reviewed. The results of this study are as:- - The percentage of vectors knowledge among the population is little (21.3%) in the three dargat of the population at Gadaref town do not know about vector transmitting malaria. -The study indicated that a very high percentage of the subjects suffered from malaria infection (44.4%) among population in the three daragat. - The result showed that there is high level of knowledge about ITN among population. VI - The study showed that the percentage of people who did know the true effect of ITN is 84% in Daraga Aola and 52.3% in Daraga Tania and 52.1 in Daraga Thalta. -The result explored that the possessing of ITN among population is little only (27.8%) in three daragat. -The result also showed that percentage of use of ITN among the population who were possessing ITN was (16.8%) in the three Darggat. The study concluded with three most important recommendation: 1. Replication of COMBI strategy in Gadaref town to in Increase the utilization of ITNs 2. strengthening the role of public health services in the context of Social marketing of ITNs programme. 3. Produce ITN from local material.
A thesis submitted in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the degree of Master of Public and Environmental Health
University of Khartoum Population medicated insecticide Gedaref city Insecticide-treated mosquito nets Malaria in Africa Malaria in Sudan Malaria control Environmental Health
Khadeega Mohamed Merghani, Assessment of the factors which impeded The Utilization ofInsecticide Treated Bed Nets Among the population in Gedaref twon.- Khartoum : University of Khartoum, 2007. - 81 P. : illus., 28 cm., MS.C.