Improvement of the shelf life of camel milk using lactoperoxidase enzyme system

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ElYas, Ibtisam
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in this study the lactoperoxidase enzymes system (LPS) was used for preservation of camel milk. The camel milk samples were collected from 2 locations in Eastern Nile Province of Khartoum North, Sudan. The first was from a collection point at EIGerif and the second from ElSamrab, the latter is relatively not far away from the laboratory. The milk samples were divided into two equal portions (treated and control). Both portions were further subdivided into 2 amounts in order to test the effect of cooling by keeping part at room temperature (37° C) and the other at refrigerator (8° C). The chemical analysis that wars done include determination of fat, protein, total solids and ash %. Similarly clot on boiling test and the acidity of camel milk samples were done daily. The fat contents were 2.825± 0.14%, 3% and 2.5% for mean and standard deviation, maximum and minimum levels, respectively. The protein values reveaied 3.3%, 3% and 3.061± 0.815%, respectively. The ash contents were 0.90%, 0.24% and 0.63± 0.197, respectively. However the total solids revealed values of 10.08%, 7.3% and 9.22± 0.72%, respectively as shown in Table 1. The result revealed highly significant (P<0.001) effect of lactoperoxidase enzymes system as milk preservative. Since the refrigerated treated carnel milk samples showed higher shelf life (11 and 19 days, for the milk brought from ElGerif and ElSamrab, respectively) compared to those of refrigerated control samples (10 and 14 days, respectively). Similarly the non refrigerated treated camel milk samples were found to show a shelf life of 15 and 8 days, compared to 3 and 2 days for non treated samples, respectively (Table 2). The present study concluded that the lactoperoxidase enzymes system has a positive effect on the keeping quality of camel milk by expanding its shelf life. Hence we recommended its application for preservation of camel milk in the field in order to utilize the nutritious healthy unused camel milk.
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