The Impact of Religiosity commitments on Attitude towards Celebrities Endorsed TV Advertising and Buying Behavior

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Ilham Hassan Fathelrhman H. Mansour
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University of Khartoum -Graduate College
This paper aims at investigating the effect of religion intensity on consumer attitudes towards the celebrity endorsement in television advertising in Sudan. The study is based on a survey questionnaire to a sample of 268 university students on their attitude towards celebrity endorsement in television advertising. Various statistical techniques, such as Frequency analysis, Descriptive analysis, and independent t-Test were applied in order to address the research questions of the study. The main findings showed that the respondents were generally having positive attitudes toward celebrity endorsed advertising. The results indicated some statistically significant differences between the high and low religion commitments individuals regarding their attitudes towards celebrity endorsement in television advertising. More specifically, less religiosity committed individuals think that attractiveness of the celebrity, trustworthiness, likability of the celebrity affect their buying decision more than the highly committed individuals. There was no statistical difference between the two groups regarding the influence of celebrity’ expertise and respect on their buying intension. These results have important implications for advertisers. Hence the study made several recommendations in light of its findings.
U of K- Annual Conference of Postgraduate Studies and Scientific Research-Humanities and Educational Studies February 2013- Khartoum-Sudan: Conference Proceedings Volume Two
(advertising);(celebrity endorsements);(religiosity);(attitude);(buying behavior)