An Ecosystematic study on the Legumes of Dilling area, South Kordofan state

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Widad Ahmed Ibrahim, Mohammed
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The present study deals with the legumes of the Dilling area, south Kordofan state. The study was conducted during the period May, 2004 to April, 2007.It includes a brief description of the study area in terms of geographical location, physiography, population, agriculture, types of soil, water resources and climatic factors besides an ecosystematic study of the legumes of the study area. 45 legume species were collected. It was found that the trees were the dominant life-form and that Paplionaceae was the dominant family which was represented by 18 species. Soil samples were collected from the three soil types of study area (Vertisols, Inceptisols and Alfisols). The soil samples were chemically analyzed to determine the mineral nutrients in each soil type. The results of soil chemical analysis showed that Vertisols and Inceptisols soil types were richer in minerals as compared to the Alfisols soil. Similarly, the Vertisols and Inceptisols soils were slightly alkaline with high values of the earth elements such as Ca, Mg and K. The Alfisols soil was acidic with low values of the alkaline earth elements. The data of the soils chemical analysis was analyzed statistically using the Principal component analysis (PCA). The PCA revealed a significant variation in the distribution of the soil nutrients among the three soil types. Seven of the collected plant species were chemically analyzed. Plant chemical analysis showed that these species had different levels of mineral elements and crude protein. The statistical analysis of the chemical data for soil and plant species showed that there were correlations among soil and 6 plant mineral nutrients. Some of the correlations were positive while others were negative. However, some plant samples showed no correlation between plant elements and soil elements.
South Kordofan state, Ecosystematic study, Dilling area,