The Prevalence of Dental Anomalies among School Children (6 – 14 years) in Khartoum State

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Abdulrahman, Rehab
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Across sectional epidemiological survey in Khartoum state 2004 was conducted in 2304 children aged 6-4 years in school children to study the prevalence of dental anomalies including anomalies of number, size, shaped structure and other specific of anomalies. It’s relation to gender and dentition Data was collected via questionnaires and clinical examination questionnaires were completed by directs with children statistical analysis for variables was assessed using chi square test. Prevalence of dental anomalies was found to be 9.4%. There is significant difference between gender it was higher in males more than (62.7) in males, and 37.3% in females). Permanent dentition showed an increase of dental anomalies when compared primary dentition (80% permanent, 20% primary). Anomalies of structure were the most prevalent 26.3%; size anomalies occurred in 17.5%; shape 1.8%; and other specific of anomalies (33.2%) including dental fluorosis 24%; impacted teeth 2.3%; early eruption 1.8%; delayed eruption 2.8%; accessory cusps and left lip 1.4%. It was difficult to detect familial background because the data was collected direct with children. Familial background was found to be only in three cases.