Internal stability of Reinforced Earth Wall with Surcharge Load Based on Strain Energy Theory

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Abdallah, Fakhredin Mohamed
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The objective of this research is to study validity of the assumption in the energy method and reintroduce practical designers to use the energy method to design rectangular reinforced earth retaining walls and derive equations to find the maximum tension stress in case of surcharging with a uniform distributed load . This work is intended to cover some of previous researches, soil reinforcement technique , factors affecting the behavior of reinforced soil and the boundary conditions of these factors , interaction between soil and reinforcement and design theories of rectangular reinforced earth retaining walls. Derivation of equation included in addition to the maximum tension stress the critical wall height and the safety factor against pull out and the length of ties in the total and local equilibrium energy approaches. Furthermore two projects were taken as cases study to compare the results from the energy approach with the real projects data. Comparisons between the energy approach and the previous theories, and comparisons between the height of wall and the maximum tension stress and the length of the tie were carried, moreover a computer program was made to calculate the maximum tension stress, the critical wall height , the safety factor against pull out and the length of ties.
Internal,stability,Reinforced,Earth,Wall,Surcharge Load,Strain Energy Theory