Mother awareness toward diarrheal disease in children in Burry area from July to October 2008

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Faisal, Mohd
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University of Khartoum
In Sudan diarrhea is one of the commonest cause of deaths in under 5 children local believes and cultural practices may influence treatment of childhood diarrhea. Objectives: the study was conducted to determine the knowledge regarding cause complication and danger signs of diarrheal disease. To elicit health seeking practice and management of acute diarrhea. To determine the home care practices of mother about children with diarrhea. To asses the knowledge of mothers about ORS and how to use it. Methodology: The study is a Descriptive cross sectional community based survey it toke place in Bury area is located in alkartoum state It has 5 neighborhood Bury alamab, almahas, aldaraysa, alsharef and abohashesh The population of the study include Mothers in bury area with at least one child under 5 Simple cluster sampling, 3 blocks from each neighborhood were chosen randomly and 9 mothers from each block a total of 127 mother with 158 child under 5 The data was collected using a designed Questionnaire and mothers were interviewed, And a check list for the question's on signs of dehydration and correct use of ors Results69% of mothers said that water could cause diarrhea, while 64% of mothers said that food could cause diarrhea, while 55% of mothers said that microbes could cause diarrhea. 57% of mothers take their child to the doctor, while 34% prefer home treatment and a minority go to traditional practitioners Most mother increase food, water, and milk intake during an attach respectively 65%, 76%, 53% 71% of mother used special types of food during an attach 59% knew the signs of dehydration 74% knew what ORS is, 56% used it, but 48% used it correctly. Recommendation this study showed that the knowledge, attitude and practices of mothers is quit satisfactory
Mother awareness toward diarrheal disease in children in Burry area from July to October 2008
Mother,awareness,toward,diarrheal,disease,children,Burry,area,from July,October,2008