Effects of Housing System on the Performance of Broiler chicks.

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Bader El Din Babiker, Elimam
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The suitability of the open-sided house in supporting satisfactory broiler performance in comparison to the controlled environment house (closed house) under the two climatic season of the year in Khartoum area was investigated. The experimental study comprised two trials, in winter and summer season carried out in both open-sided and closed houses at the same time with the same managemental factors. Four hundred and fifty, seven-day old Arbro-Acres unsexed chicks were used for the two summer and winter experiments with densities of 17 birds/m, and 10 bird/m for closed and open-sided houses, respectively. The birds in both experiments were fed approximately iso-caloric iso-nitrogenous diets till 8 weeks and then slaughtered. The results revealed an insignificant difference between closed and open-sided houses in body weight, feed intake, feed conversion ratio and mortality in winter experiment. In summer experiment body weight and feed intake were significantly increased in closed house (P<0.05) while feed conversion ratio was improved and mortality was significantly decreased (P<0.05). On the other hand no significant interaction between housing system and season was observed for weight gain, feed intake, feed conversion ratio and mortality throughout the experimental period. Dressing percentage was not affected by the type of house used, but the season had a significant effect (P<0.05) on dressing percentage. It can be concluded that the open-sided houses in Khartoum area are capable of maintaining satisfactory broiler performance without adverse effects on broiler performance throughout the year.
Housing System,Performance,Broiler chicks.