Studies on Molluscicidal Activity of Some Plants from Darfur against B. truncatus with Emphasis on Alternanthera nodiflora (Amaranthaceae).

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Mohammed Yousif Adam, Ibrahim
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In this study, 27 folk-medicinal plant species from Darfur Region were screened for their molluscicidal activity against Bulinus truncatus adult snails.Eight species produced extracts that showed some degree of molluscicidal activity in bioassays. Five of them were recorded here for the first time in the Sudan. These are: Alternanthera nodiflora (Amaranthaceae); Amaranthus viridis (Amaranthaceae); Glinus lotoides (Molluginaceae); Khaya senegalensis (Meliaceae); Rorippa indica (Bassiaceae).The plant A.nodiflora was tested for the molluscicidal and ovicidal potency of leaves and flowers using distilled water successive extract and using increasing polarity solvents viz ethanol, chloroform and petroleum ether solvents for 12hours Soxhlet extracts, on adult, one day old juveniles and one day old egg-masses of B.truncatus snails. The results obtained were: firstly, the aqueous successive extracts were more efficient than the aqueous extracts of the screening method for extracting the bioactive ingredient(s). Secondly, A. nodiflora leaves and flowers chloroform extracts were the most potent and followed by petroleum ether, distilled water and ethanol extracts respectively. Thirdly, B. truncatus one day old juvenile snails were most susceptible, followed by one day old egg-masses and finally the adult snails to A. nodiflora leaves and flowers different solvents extract. Fourthly, A. nodiflora flowers chloroform and petroleum ether extracts were more potent than the leaves on B. truncatus different stages. Fifthly, A. nodiflora leaves and flowers different solvents extracts were not toxic to Orechromis niloticus (Bulti fish), anophline larvae and tadpoles at molluscicidal concentration. Sixthly, Statistical analysis showed high significant differences at 0.05 level between LC50 and LC90 of A. nodiflora leaves and flowers solvents extracts on all stages of B. truncatus snails
Alternanthera nodiflora, Darfur against, Molluscicidal Activity