The Role of the Intermediate Technology Development Group in Poverty Reduction in Sudan a Case Study of Kassala Town 1995-2004

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Eljack,Zuhal Hassan
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University of Khartoum
This study evaluates the influence of the Intermediate Technology Development Group (I.T.D.G) upon urban poor people in Kassala area. The problem of the study has set out from the inefficiency and futile programmes and activities of the ITDG in lessening poverty among beneficiaries. The study has concentrated on targets and benefits evaluation that have been gained by the beneficiaries, due to the implementation of the intermediate technology as an endeavor to improve the capabilities of production and to raise their per capita income, skills, and availability of work opportunities and also the positive and negative exchanges in their lives. In addition, the study discusses the obstacles obstructed the mediate technology development program regarding participants and donors. The study also suggested some solutions for these obstacles. The study has been built on a hypothesis that; the activities and services of the Intermediate Technology Development Group, in Kassala area, have little influence on poverty mitigation among the beneficiaries due to; inappropriate technologies to the economic and social status of the beneficiaries, however, the activities do not companion with directory programmes, as well as, the subsidy and loans offered to beneficiaries are not enough. The researcher used the statistical analytic method where as, he has chosen a random sampling of (125) families in Kassala area using a questionnaire in data collection. The study has come out with, that the activities, and programmes of the Intermediate Technology Development Group, had played a vital role in providing opportunities of work, and promote the marketing and production capabilities of the beneficiaries and consequently raised the income and the standard of living. The study recommended that: the stress of poverty can be lessened by an organized work regarding self-knowledge among the beneficiaries, the introducing an appropriate technologies enabling income increasing and rehabilitating their infrastructures in order to facilitate development process
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Sudan; Kassala Town; Population; Women Development Associations; Human; Food and Agriculture Organization