Sudan Energy Resources

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Gibreil Mohammed, EL hassan
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I had been planning to submit this thesis in June 1983. But in may 1983 I was defended for 19 months. Now, because of short in time, I submit the thesis in its original form without making any change in data. The thesis is about Energy resources in Sudan. !t covers the consumption, supply, demand and forecasted for future requirement for the following:- petroleum products, Electricity Generation, Firewood, Charcoal and the agricultural residues. The thesis touches the renewable energies that could be utilized and the obstacles facing utilization like solar energy and wind energy The thesis presented stove that uses sawdust and groundnut. Shells as fuel this stove can substitute conventional stoves that use firewood and charcoal .Cutting of forest causes soil degradation, desert creep and aridity which will lead to greater loss in Agricultural income and consequently lack of hard currency Energy puts its prints on every aspect of life. Sudan suffers much from energy crisis, escalating prices of world oil accompanied by hard currency scarcity, continuous increase in demand, regular electricity cut during summer time, lack of spare parts, high prices of firewood and charcoal and unavailability in some regions. That entails all sectors should work together as one team, increasing Agricultural income, utilizing local resources as fuel like crop residues and animal refuse, prohibit importing private cars and residential electrical instruments, importing big Buses, maintaining sufficient spare parts, elaborated projects that has been covered out by the (NCPI.) should have due consideration. The will be the only choice till the commissioning of the new Pipeline which is planned for exporting the discovered crude oil. Exporting oil will maintain hard currency and that will expedite the solution of energy crisis in Sudan.
Sudan, Energy Resources