Performance and problems of hydraulic pumps in heavy agricultural machines in Sudan

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Elsamani, Haitham AbuSabah
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The increase of power price, spare parts, maintenance, highly advanced technology development of hydraulic system, and other operating requirements were the main reasons behind this study. The study was conducted on three agricultural schemes Khartoum State Ministry of agriculture, ElGazira Scheme, Kenana Sugar Company. The study concentrated on the evaluation of performance of machines operated by hydraulic systems in these schemes with reference to pump efficiency and hydraulic system operation by operators. A sample survey of three schemes Khartoum State Ministry of Agriculture, ElGazira Scheme and Kennana Sugar Company was carried out. The samples were randomly selected from the heavy machines in these schemes. The information about machines performance, national companies, repair and maintenance, spare parts, hydraulic operators, pumps types, delivery pressure, and power consumption were collected. The pumps were found to work at low efficiencies of 27 percent and 58 percent as average. This low pump efficiency could be due to many factors including pump selection and installation procedure, condition of hydraulic pump (i.e. pump delivery, pump age, maintenance, working hours and power type). Spare parts and operator’s education level and skill were also considered as well as social factors. The factors were studied for each pump and statistically analyzed using t-test, chi-square and correlation coefficient techniques. The analysis showed that pump selection and installation procedure, pump age, maintenance, availability of spare parts, operator’s education level and skill and land ownership significantly affected pump efficiency. Furtherly these pumps were found to be installed at lower operation level than the recommended by their manufacturers. The amount of power consumed was significantly higher than that which could have been consumed if these pumps were working at the assumed pump efficiency of 60 percent and applying the required amount of hydraulic oil to do work. Which can save about 50 percent of power with an expected increase in machine yield.
April (2004)
hydraulic pumps,heavy agricultural machines, Sudan