The Impact of Male out -Migration on Conjugal Relationships : A Social Analyses

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Amira Alnour Mohammed, Alnour
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This study is an attempt to investigate conjugal relationship at a result of migration (Impact of husband migration on wife left behind). The study focused on migration to Golf countries “Oil countries” and showed that the main cause of migration is the economic factor which is responsible for the selectivity of migration according to age and sex. Beside, this factor prevents husband from accompanying his wife with him and leave her behind. The study discussed marriage institution and its wisdom and ideology, and how conjugal relationship is built (Physical and non-physical by the couple) and how female in Sudan is socialized towards marriage. The study also showed the factor that affects conjugal relationship and showed the problems resulting from out migration of husband on wife. A sample of thirty cases was selected purposively from Khartoum Province, which included the wives with husband that migrated before marriage and birth of children and wives with husband that migrated after marriage and birth of children. The study found that migration of husband affects domestic marriage relation; husband migration leads to the extent of the extended family residentially, except some families who have 4 children or more in older age. Beside that, the dysfunction of conjugal relations (physical and non-physical), which is at the minimum level of communication between the couple at the husband’s absence. Also, socialization of children who need the male model from their father’s who no one can compensate for his absence. All this beside social roles and responsibilities that society bears on wife to carry and they become burden for wife to carry. On the other hand, there is a defect in physical contact of human beings, which leads to defect in psychological and spiritual contact. Beside this, the society sees migrant wife as sexually free or easy prey to harassment. This may affect social behavior of migrant wives
The Impact of Male out -Migration on Conjugal Relationships : A Social Analyses