Economics of Onion Production In Khartoum State, Sudan: A Case Of Algazira Slang

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Mustafa, Ebtisam Mahmoud
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Onion is one of the most popular and widely grown vegetables in Sudan. Khartoum State is considered as one of the productive areas of onion in Sudan. However, Omdurman Locality is a leading Locality producing onion in the State. Algazira slang is the centre stone of onion production in the State. The main objective is to study the economics of onion production in Khartoum State (Algazira slang is a case study). Also, the Study is intended to investigate the socio-economic characteristics of onion farmers and their effect of onion yield. The Study also identified and analyzed the main cost items for both autumn onion and winter onion The Study depended mainly on primary data which were collected by direct interviewing of a randomly selected sample of 80 onion growers using a structured questionnaire. The survey was carried during the period (August – September, 2005). The Study depended also on secondary data which were collected from different relevant sources. Data were analyzed by using descriptive analysis, crop budget analysis and regression analysis. The ٍٍStudy found that farmers in the study area were homogenous, sharing the same characteristics. Also, the Study found that the cost of the winter onion is more than the cost of the autumn onion yield. The Crop Budget Analysis of the Study found that autumn onion yield is more profitable than winter yield. Regression Analysis of autumn onion found that educational level, cost of weeding and land preparation cost affected onion yield significantly. Regression Analysis of winter onion found that harvesting date and land preparation cost are highly significant for winter onion yield. To improve onion production in Khartoum state, the study recommended the removal of production constraints specially irrigation, inputs, improvement of extension services and establishing factory of onion dehydration.
August 2006