Prevalence of Bovine Bdrucellosis IN Three Villages in Kadugli Locality, South Kordofan State , Sudan

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Ahmed Sheikh Eldin mater, Zakaria
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Brucellosis in cattle is widespread and of major economic importance in most countries of the world, particularly among dairy cattle, but the incidence varies considerably between herds, areas and countries. Moreover, the disease is also important from the viewpoint of public health as the causative agent can cause undulant fever in man. A serological study of bovine brucellosis was carried out to determine the magnitude of spreadof the disease in cattle at Kadugli locality, South Kordofan State. Rose Bengal Plate test (RBPT), Serum agglutination test(SAT) and Indirect Enzyme Linked Immunosorbent Assay (I-ELISA) were used for detection of Brucellaantibodies in serum samples. A total of 300 serum samples (280 from females and 20 from males) and 10 hygroma aspirates were collected randomly during field visits to three villages: Elsaraf (90 females and 10 males), Abusafifa (95 females and 5 males) ,Elberdab (95 females and 5 males). Using RBPT, 80 (26.6%) of 300 serum samples were positive and were retested using SAT, 76 (25.3%) of 80 serum samples had antibody titres ranging from 1:10 to 1:460. Using I-ELISA as a confirmatory test, 73(24.3%) of 80 serum samples were confirmed positive. When the results of RBPT and SAT were compared, RBPT agreedwith SAT in 95% of positive xvii samples, while SAT agreed withRBPT in 90%, but I-ELISA was highly sensitive (100%). A single isolate was obtained from one of the 10 hygromas fluids. It is concluded that bovine brucellosis prevalence is high in Kadugli Locality and that Rose Bengal Plate test is more sensitive than Serum agglutination test. The results justify immediate and effective control policy for the control of the disease.
Bovine,Bdrucellosis,Villages, Kadugli Locality,Kordofan State , Sudan