Economics of Potato Production and Marketing in Khartoum State, Sudan

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Algizouli, Tahani Ahmed
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Potatoes is one of the crops , which had acquired economic an food importance in the world ,potatoes crop production started recently in Khartoum State , which producing about 80% of total production ,then the crop spread to other parts of the country. This study aimed at assessing the economic of potatoes production and marketing in Khartoum State. the study focused on production constraints ,cost analysis and estimated marketing margins of the products, to determine its financial performance of the potatoes crop in the State . Primary data was obtained by conducting a field survey during June August 2006 Random samples have been selected including poates producers, wholesalers, and retailers. Simple descriptive statistics have been used for analysis of data The d study results indicated lack of improved seeds in sufficient quantities and not available on time for cultivation , seeds were imported and local seeds carry diseases, scarcity of soft loans and the lack of production inputs, particularly fertilizers, were the main reasons for the low productivity of potatoes crop in seasons 2005/2006. The results showed that potatoes crop was highly profitable ,and that large share of the marketing margins cost rests upon the fees and storage activity. The study recommended supply of adequate financing of production inputs and markets , benefiting from the central markets experiences in advanced countries , introduction of the private sector in the production of local seeds , using modern techniques for producing seeds free of diseases , and participation of the private sector to manufacture surplus production of potatoes crop.
University of khartoum