Utilization of the Kinetic Energy in the Flowing Water of the Blue Nile from Sennar to Khartoum for Pumping Water for Irrigation

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Mohamed,Mohamed Ahmed Eloubid
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University of Khartoum
Sudan is mainly an agricultural country and irrigation is vital for any crop. Water is needed at the time and in the size required. This research is a participation for lifting the water to the irrigated fields with the least running expenses. A flowing, water contains kinetic energy and whenever the speed is favourable part of this kinetic energy could be used to drive for instance, a pumping unit for lifting the water to the required levels. A suggested area for implementation is along the Blue Nile between Sennar Dam and Khartoum. A study of the flow velocity in this region during the period (1989 to 1996) is presented. The extraction of energy from the flowing water is done using an undershot wheel. In this respect, the reciprocating pump was found suitable. The dimensions of two double acting reciprocating pumps are given and according to the collected data, the yield of the two pumps is about 1.215×10-2m3/s which is found enough to irrigate 25 feddans. The produced force and the torque exerted on the shaft were estimated, using 6 blades, each of 1.5m ray and 0.75m wide. The exerted force is about 1138.4 N at a speed about 5.88rpm. The power developed then is 2.65kw. A comparison between the possible economical mortise of this system and a traditional pumping unit using a diesel engine is also presented
Kinetic Energy;Water;Blue Nile; Sennar; Khartoum ;Pumping Water ; Irrigation