Effect of Methyl Bromide and Hydrogen Phosphide Fumigants on Quality and Storability of Sudanese Dry Dates

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Abu-Goukh, A.A.
Shattir, Adil E.
El-Hassan, Siddig M.
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Faculty of Agriculture, University of Khartoum, Shambat, Sudan
The effect of fumigation on quality and storability of 'Barakawi' and 'Gondeila' dates was evaluated at ambient conditions, using methyl bromide and hydrogen phosphide (Phostoxin). Fumigation kept the dates completely free from insect infestation for the first four to six months, and suppressed it significantly for the remaining storage period. Methyl bromide was more effective than Phostoxin. Insect infestation was decreased after 12 months of storage by 67.8% and 69.9% with methyl bromide and by 48.6% and 57.4% with Phostoxin in 'Barakawi' and 'Gondeila' dates, respectively, compared to untreated dates. Sugars, proteins and phenolics contents progressively decreased during storage of both cultivars, especially towards the end of the storage period. The reductions in these constituents were significantly less in the fumigated dates than in the controls.
Page(s):11 (3), 340-348, 16 Ref.