Sustainable Animal Production

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El amin, Ahmed
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university of khartoum
With the increase in world population, the demand for production of “animal products” has increased both in terms of quantity and quality. Food and fiber productivity escalated due to the multiple uses of new technologies, mechanization, fertilizers and introduction of new policies that lead to production maximization. As the pressure mounts on the use of natural resources, the issue of sustainability has emerged to preserve and prevent further degradation and deterioration of the world’s remaining natural resources. The complex relationship between the biological, technical, environmental and social elements with livestock production has led to acquire new innovative and economically viable opportunities for production. This will lead to a new approach whereby nutrition, animal health, breeding, biotechnology and technology are used to optimize production and minimize resource degradation. This paper is an attempt to identify and clarify our understanding of sustainable animal production and an enticement to continue the dialogue
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Sustainable Animal Production