Using Solar Energy for Aerating Fish Pond

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Elyass, Atif Abdalazeez Albager
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University of Khartoum
The main objective of this study is to estimate fish consumption of oxygen in pond culture by knowing oxygen consumption for one fish, design a system to aerate pond using solar energy to compensate oxygen consumed by fish and make feasibility study for suggested intensive fish farm using solar energy system to aerate pond. It was found that the amount of oxygen consumption fluctuates between 252 grams O2/hour and 1,953 grams O2/hour in a 210m3 pond for small fish and mature fish respectively. In this study five systems to feed pond with oxygen were studied: vertical pump, sprayer pump, propeller aspirator pump, paddle wheel and diffused air. The results showed that the air diffuser was the most suitable system to aerate pond in comparison with other systems; solar powered photovoltaic air diffuser system was designed to aerate pond with air compressor 7.14 m3 air/hour flow rate and energy consumption 4.464kWh/day. Tube was used to connecting air to diffuser in the bottom of pond, also solar powered photovoltaic system which consists of solar panels, batteries, charge controller and inverter was designed to run the air compressor. The feasibility study showed that the cost of solar powered photovoltaic air diffuser system is 47,250 SDG,the annual total costs (fixed and variable costs) are 223,499 SDG and the annual gross receipt from fish production is 378,000 SDG. These results indicate that the suggested project of intensive fish farm by using solar powered photovoltaic air diffuser system is economically feasible.
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Aerating Fish Pond;Solar Energy;Aquaculture;Fish Farming;PV Module