Hormonal contraceptive as a risk factor in breast cancer in Radiation and isotope centre-Khartoum [Rick] {July –October 2008}

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Abd Alazeem, Mona
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University of Khartoum
Breast cancer is one of the hormone sensitive or hormone receptor positive cancer, about 80% of breast cancer once established ,rely on supplies of hormone estrogen to grow and suppression of the production of the estrogen in the body is the treatment of this cancer.The purpose of this study is to Find out the relationship between hormonal contraceptive and breast cancer , to identify the type of contraceptive used by women and carries risk for breast cancer, to find out the relation of the duration of contraceptive use in the breast cancer, to identify the other risk factors to breast cancer{ age-family history-source-residence-number of children-breast feeding},& To identify the most type of hormonal contraceptive use in sudan. The study was Hospital base analytic case control study done in Radiation &isotope centre –khartoum {Rick} on 176 females,half of them was breast cancer pt attended rick hospital from july- October 2008 &half of them was Females attended rick from july- October & have not breast cancer, the data was collected by interviewing questionnaire which contain age –source-residance- family history –using &the type of hormonal contraceptive-occurrence of symptoms related to breast during the using of hormonal contraceptive -regular breast feeding -&number of children as variables,the data was managed by the spss programme. Etically The concent was taken orally from each women given questionnaire. I conclude to that there is no relationship between the hormonal contraceptive & BC but when i split the data ifound that the coc had association with BC but progesterone had no association,there was no significant duration carried BC risk for coc nor for pop,.age-family history-number of children& duration of breast feeding had no significant results,but the residance had significant result&BC is high in people who live in the center,the coc is the most type of hormonal contraceptive used in the sudan. I recommend the women to use the pop or IUDs instate of coc,to have more child,to breast feed her children 24 monthes(2 years). For those who want to research in this topic I recommend them to take consideration to a history of trauma to the breast before getting BC& to history of BC during pregnancy.
Hormonal contraceptive as a risk factor in breast cancer in Radiation and isotope centre-Khartoum [Rick] {July –October 2008}
Hormonal,contraceptive,risk,factor,breast,cancer ,Radiation,isotope,centre-Khartoum,[Rick],{July –October 2008}