Effect Of Blaine Fineness On Cement Properties

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Musa Abdelatif, Zuheir
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The objective of this research to determine the effect of cement fineness under the hot dry conditions typical of building sites in Sudan on the properties, The development of concrete strength with time, heat of hydration and rate of heat dissipation during early days, workability and loss of workability, plastic shrinkage, creep and segregation. The rate of hydration and most cement properties depend on the fineness of the cement particles. The research indicated that increasing cement fineness increase the rate of heat generation. The advantage of increasing the fineness is in the increase of the early age strength of cement. Previous research has indicated that for a rapid development of strength high fineness is necessary. Research indicated that an increase in fineness of cement slightly improves the workability of concrete mix, but its likely to have a detrimental effect on loss of workability as cement with a higher rate of hydration will loose workability more rapidly. In addition, excessive heat of hydration in hot dry conditions is likely to have a damaging effect and may well lead to thermal cracking unless proper curing techniques are followed, which agree with Sudan environment. Previous research has indicated that finer cement does not affect shrinkage of cement paste or concrete, however under the conditions mentioned above this may not be the case especially with respect to plastic shrinkage.