Refugees in Eastern Region Problems and Settlement With Reference To Tawawa Settlement.

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Ali Babiker, El Lahawi
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University of Khartoum
The intention of this study is to deal with the refugees situation in the Eastern Region and to discover the problems and difficulties that face the refugees. The outset ending problems in Tawawa settlement are presented as an example. The study also aims to present the effects and the negative aspects of refugees in the Eastern Region, particularly in Gedaref Town and Tawawa settlements in the Eastern Region and the problems of ;each type of settlement. It intends to examine the role and attempts made by and being practiced by the Sudan Government, UNHCR and voluntary agencies to alleviate the refugees problems. The main findings of the study are as follows:- 1) Refugees after them cores the border of the Eastern Region are faced d by the following problems:- a) Lack of basic .needs such as, food and shelter b) Problems of health (Anemia, malnutrition, vitamin deficiencies and tuberculoses). c) Education problems. d) Vulnerable groups (people unable to work, disabled, old, children, etc.). e) Transportation. f) Water supply. g) Security. h) Integrations. i) Cultural prob1em (language and tradition). j) Psychological problems 2) The vast majority of refugees live in spontaneous settlements, which lack social and welfare services and they do not become self- supporting 3) The existing organized settlements are inadequate and lack some social services, and subject to different problems. 4) Refugees have land effect on already inadequate resources and social servers. They create pressure on: health, education. , security, housing, water supply, transportation, employment, etc They Create social and political turmoil, commit various crimes such as murder, theft, trespass, and drunkenness The study attempts to propose solutions for refugee’s problems and to make them self-reliant. A general comprehensive strategy for providing adequate settlements with the essential requirements for community welfare and self-reliant is formulated. The study makes various recommendations for the accommodation of refugees in adequate settlements to avoid the pressure on urban centers, and the provision of social and welfare services and developmental programmes so that they may attain self-reliance. Chapter one deals with some aspects of refugees including definition of a refugee Causes of refugees problems and types of refugees, history of influxes and numbers of refugees in Sudan, end the refugee’s routes. Chapter two discusses the problems facings refugees in the Eastern Region. Chapter three examines the situation in Tawawa settlements and the outstanding problems. Chapter four is concerned with the impact and of effect of refugees on the region Gedaref and Tawawa. It also gives an analysis of the general characteristics of refugees Chapter Five discusses the different types of refugee settlements in Eastern Region and their problems. It also discussers the policy of Sudanese government Chapter six discloses the role and attempts made and being practiced by the Sudanese government, UNHCR and voluntary agencies to alleviate refugees problems. Chapter Sven proposes a general strategy for providing adequate settlements and welfare for settlements and makes various recommendations.
social ;Eastern Region ;Water;Tawawa Settlement.