Palynostratigraphy of Upper Cretaceous to Lower Tertiary NW Muglad Basin, Sudan

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Emad El Din Abd El Mahmoud, El Toum
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The present palynostratigraphical study has been carried out in the NW Muglad Basin on samples derived from Bentiu Formation, Darfur Group, and Lower Argillaceous Member of Aweil Formation from Hashab-l and Abu Gabra-l wells. Cutting samples were used for the palynological analysis. Varieties of microflora were observed comprising pteridophytic spores, gymnosperms and angiosperms pollen, beside fungal spores. Fourty-four species from Thirty-two genera were described. Three associations of palynomorphs have been recognised from the studied wells from Upper Cretaceous to Lower Tertiary. These are: Association I: Campanian-Early Maastrichtian; includes Monocolpiles sphaeroidites, Proteacidites sigalii, Foveotriletes margarilae, Monocolpiles cr. marginalus, Auriculiidites reticulatus, Scabralriporiles sill1pliformis, Tubislephanocolpiles cylindric us, Spinizonocolpites baculiles, and Retimonoocolpiles sp. Association ll: Upper Maastrichtian, is distinguished by the presence of Mauriliidiles lehmanii, Retidiporites magdalenensis, Zlivisporis blanensis, Buffillia andreevi, Periretisyncolpites giganteus, Periretisyncolpites phosphatic us. Association Ill: Paleogene, is indicated by the presence of Triporites cf. iverseni, Proteacidites dehaani, Retibrevilricolpites protrudens and Verrucatosporites usmensis. This study has shown the presence of Eocene sediments penetrated in Abu Gabra-l well at depth of 3600 ft. Turonian-Santonian in the present study shows complete absence of any characteristic species, this may indicate presence of unconformity during this period. The above associations are comparable with results of the palynological works in northern South America, and West and North Africa including Sudan.
Palynostratigraphy of Upper Cretaceous to Lower Tertiary NW Muglad Basin, Sudan.