Petro-Energy Network Protection Settings Coordination Study

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Hamza, Abubakr Osman Mohamed Hassan
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The main goal of this study was to simulate Petro-Energy Company power network because this network faced by blackouts several times per year during last couple of years, this led to severe lack of production during blackout times beside the maintenance and operation cost impact. After studying this network it is noticed that one of the main reasons for blackouts is the relay setting mis-coordination. Using E-TAP software as an analysis tool to perform short circuit and protection settings coordination studies, Petro-Energy power network was drawn, detailed data had been fed for each component. After running the simulator an optimum characteristic for the relays was chosen, then an over current protection on this network was performed and relay setting co-ordination was obtained, after that earth fault on this network was performed and its relay setting and co-ordination was obtained. Then, an instantaneous protection as a backup protection was applied successfully. The new relay setting coordination had been applied to all relays in the five main substations as a result from this study. The sequence of operation is improved and as a result the total black outs frequency is significantly decreased. Valuable recommendations were suggested to Petro Energy Company.
Petro-Energy Network, Protection Settings, Coordination Study