Solar Radiation Measurements In Khartoum Area

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Badri, Amal Salih
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In this work measurements have been carried out for the intensity of solar radiation in Khartoum area, at the location of the University of Khartoum, from July 2003 to Jun 2004. In the first part of the thesis an introduction is given about the energy needs and the role of solar energy in fulfilling some of the needs. A general review of the utilization of solar energy has been presented. Some theoretical aspects about solar energy have been given, including a description of the sun’s structure and characteristics, the geometry of the earth and sun and the nature of solar radiation and its types. Then the instruments used for measuring solar radiation have been presented. In particular a Pyranometer of the Eppley type that has been used in the present measurements has been described and its calibration explained. The measurements carried out on the roof of the Physics Department, Faculty of Science, University of Khartoum, have been described and the results obtained were presented in the forms of tables and graphs. Finally, the results obtained over a period of one year for solar radiation in Khartoum area
Solar,Radiation,Measurements,Khartoum Area