Studies On The Morphology Of The Bug Elasmolomus Sordidus (F.) (Hemiptera: Lygaeidae) And Its Feeding Effects On The Stored Sesame Seeds

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Hamdan, El Tahir Ahmed A/Rasoul
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The sesame seed bug (El Kaoak) Elasmolomus sordidus (F.) which belong to the order: Hemiptera and the family: Lygaeidae is a pest of economic importance in the Sudan. Two varieties of sesame Kenana 2 (k2) and Kenana 3 (K3) (of sesame) were selected to study the effect of feeding of the bug on the seed weight, oil loss and germination percentage. The morphological characters of adults (males and females) of the insect species under study were studied. Also measurements and description of the body parts of the adults were carried out (Antennae wings, legs and the whole insect body). The results of the study on weight showed that the average weight loss for K2 and K3 were 13.29% and 14.42%, respectively. As for oil contents, the results showed losses of 8.67% for K2 and 7.14% for K3. The germination percentage was reduced by 44% for K2 and 3% for K3. The study showed out a highly significant difference for both weight and oil content. The results also showed a highly significant difference for germination percentage for K2 and no significant difference for K3.
June, 2004
Sesame Seeds