Exclusively Breast feeding for six months compared to four months Khartoum

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Abdu Zeidan, Zeidan
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Background: Exclusive breastfceding for six months is a public health debate. Lacking knowledge on practice of exclusive breast feeding complicates implementation of WHO/LIINCEF recommendations of exclusive 6 months breast feeding. Information on infants growth and iron status is a crucial evidence of benefits or hazards to close the gap between the practise and the recommendation. Methods: A cohort study from birth followed by a randomized trial design at four months up to 6 months was conducted. At 4 months, the participants were randomly assigned into, two groups , a group with solid food added to the breast feeding (Group A) and a group. that continued exclusive breast feeding with added iron syrup or placebo up to 6 months of age (Group Bf and Group Bp). Growth parameters and haemoglobin concentration of all groups were measured and compared. Results: There was no significant difference between the intervention and placbo groups with regard to growth Results.There was no significant difference between the intervention and placbo groups with regard to growth parameters or haemoglobin concentrations, at birth. 4 months or 6 months of age. The mean weight of Group A, at six months of age was (7.2kg, SD 0.9kg)„ compared to group B with 7.3kg SI31.1), (P value =0.29). The mean length of Group A was 6cm( SD2.7) compared to 68cm(SD4). P value = 0.6). Haemoglobin concentration of Group A was 10.6 011 (1.6) compared to 10.4 (0.8)gidi for Group Bfe and 10.4 (1.7) for group Bp. P- value = 0.7. Conclusion: Exclusive breast feeding of infants up to six months without supplementation has no adverse effect on the growth parameters or haemoglobin level, *Corresponding author: Department ofCommunily Medicine. Facully olMedicine.University of Khartoum, E-mail address:drziedanggrnaiLcorn
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