The Role of the Sudanese Red Crescent Society in the Development of Sinkat Locality, Red Sea Sate, Sudan.

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Mahmoud, Omer Osman
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University of Khartoum
The research is abut the role of voluntary work in community development . The case is the Sudanese Red Crescent Society SRCS as NGO in the Red Sea State, Sinkat locality. SRCS is the main NGO working in the area. The importance of this research is that NGOs are involved in relief and development not only in Sudan but in the world at large so it is important to assess the impact of NGOs on community development . The research objectives are mainly to assess the impact of SRCS and the impact of voluntary work for local development. The hypothesis of the research are about the good impact of SRCS work on development , the improved capacity of individuals in handling development and that SRCS succeeded in improving living conditions of people . The research targeted Sinkat locality in the Red Sea State for a number of reasons that its accessible, SRCS has good working record and is still working with support and appreciation of donors and government. Data and information about NGOs, the Red Sea, and Sinkat have been collected from a variety of sources. The main tool of the research was a questionnaire which was conducted in Sinkat locality in Sinkat, Haya and Durdeib with the purpose of covering the role of voluntary work in development. In addition to the questionnaire, individual and group discussions were conducted with the leaders of the locality and the reason of the discussion is to support questionnaire results and add more information. Brief account is given regarding definition and concept about the term NGO which is used simultaneously with voluntary organization. The types and role of NGOs are also examined. The term development is highlighted to give understanding about the development concept. The traditional development theories and the modern ones are reviewed since the study is dealing with development of local communities. Information about SRCS is given regarding establishment, function, local and international relations. The research highlights the physical setting of Red Sea State and gives information on location, climate, soil, drainage system, vegetation, population and economic mode. The research includes field study on socioeconomic characteristics and how the local people are participating in the development projects of SRCS. The research finally gives conclusions and recommendations to improve the voluntary work of SRCS in order to position it in the right place in the changing world.
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Sudanese Red Crescent; Sinkat Locality; Sudan; Voluntary Organizations;Social development